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Chef Carrie Grenier, founder



What is a personal chef?
In my case, I am a classically trained and certified professional chef. I provide personalized culinary services for your home, office or event venue. As the word “personalized” implies, I can satisfy almost any culinary request; whether specific menu items, cook dates and times, side or drink pairing, special diets… The sky’s the limit!

Why not just eat out or cook dinner?
This is a very personal question that only you can answer, and it gets at the heart of why personal chef services like mine are gaining in popularity across the country. The key bey benefit of my personal chef service is convenience, followed closely by quality. I can simplify your life by taking on all the stress and work of figuring out “what’s for dinner?”

I do the planning, the shopping, the cooking, and I prepare your meals directly in your home. I create and craft meals you will love, based on your preferences and the feedback you give me. All you have to do is pull the great entrees and sides you want out of your refrigerator, warm them up (I provide written warming instructions), and enjoy. Then spend the time you save on the things that really matter to you.

How does your service work?
We will meet first and discuss your likes, dislikes, needs and constraints. Then, on the day we agree on, I will prepare your personalized meals at your home and store them in your refrigerator. All of my recipes are my own creations, based on classical culinary training with my own spin added. This allows me to tailor your meals closely to your preferences. Many other personal chef services cook from standardized recipes, provided to them by the national personal chef associations. My approach gives my clients ultimate flexibility and variety.

Do you offer other services?
Yes! Events from intimate dinner parties to cocktail hour soirees to weddings, I have years of experience with all of these types of events. Please call or email and let’s talk.   757.254.1049

Chef Carrie Grenier, founder of Peas & Carrots PCS, LLC
My background begins in Wisconsin, where my culinary passions blossomed. I went to Fox Valley Technical College and obtained an Associates Degree in Culinary Arts, while working full time at The American Club, which is a AAA five diamond and five star resort located in the Village of Kohler, WI. While there I had the pleasure of working with many inspiring chefs who pushed me to hone my skills and travel in order to gain experience.

I ventured to the East Coast and then to the mountains in search of the finest restaurants where we could practice our craft. For the past seven years I have been at The Boulder Country Club, where I worked my way from Banquet Chef to Executive Chef. My experiences here have allowed me to take my favorite aspects of culinary arts and bring my dream of Peas & Carrots PCS to fruition. Now I am able to work directly with my clients to create personalized menus, produce gourmet food, and teach culinary techniques in the comfort of their own homes as well as at special events from parties to weddings.

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